Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 1

Establishing blog for the purpose of tracking progress for my google summer of code project.

This is the text of my abstract:

Code coverage, typically referring to statement coverage, is a technique for estimating the adequacy of test cases. Achieving 100% code coverage is very difficult if not impossible. Prioritizing the development of new test cases to cover untested code requires an understanding of which criteria is most important. One criterion is to test code that is more likely to generate faults. Another criterion is to test code that is more frequently used from which it follows that code is more important and needs to be reliable.

An approach for favoring the important but uncovered code involves an algorithm that is capable of ranking the importance of code. CodeRank is a technique that is similar in spirit with Google’s PageRank –- important methods link to other important methods. The CodeRank creates an ordered ranking of all the methods where each rating assigned to a method gives its relative percent importance. This rating can be scaled by other factors including call frequency.

The delivered outcome will be a modified version of MonoCov that presents the code coverage criteria, but includes the option to rank the output by CodeRank. Future work would allow visualizing prioritized code coverage in a treemap representation.

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RichB said...

Another use for CodeRank is to sort the methods in MonoDevelop's "intellisense" list so that the methods most relevant to your current code context appear before the others.