Monday, August 20, 2007

Done. (Sorta)

Yesterday I finished implementing all the features that I had planned (and more).

Some of those features:

* New CodeRank metric where the use of a system call is weight by that function's code rank.

* Provide a non-graphics interface to using tool.

* Provide the ability to write custom plugins for collecting data and creating reports from unit test data and example application repository.

* Enhanced the grid view to visualize coverage information.

I also have a couple more ideas for plugins and how to use the data, but first I want to check in my code and make sure there is sufficient documentation.


John said...


Can this tool be used with the .Net framework as well as mono? .Net has a coverage tool called NCover....any integration possibilities there?



Chris said...

This works on .NET and Mono created assemblies.

However, I the NCover output would have to be interfaced with. Not a big deal...but.