Monday, June 11, 2007

Prototype Started...

Since I did all I could with my ASE submission, I decided to take my previous hacks/scripts, and make an initial stab at a prototype.

The protoype loads an assembly(s), and performs a scan to count references to system type method calls. This scan is from a professionally developed C# application. In this example, String.Concat is statically referenced 1148 times. This started me thinking what other information could you use with a method usage profile? Classification, bad call smells?

My next step will be to associate this information with the unit test coverage tool. Then, the prototype would have completed the full process. However, there are several problems with the basic frequency metrics and straightforward tool. (1) The calling context is not taken into account (which is related to dynamic usage is not static usage). (2) The nature of the coverage data and Mono code structure is not accounted for. (3) The presentation of information can use a more advanced task-oriented interface, report, and/or visualization options.

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