Friday, June 22, 2007

Mono Test Coverage

I'm in the process of collecting profile data from the various unit tests on Mono code.
That way I can pipe the profile data through monocov, and then spit out the coverage data and associate it with frequency information collected from the field.

The current coverage tool, Monocov, isn't written/distributed in a very Windows friendly manager. In addition, I have a feeling that Mono could use a good streamline process for their unit tests. It appears they used to run a webserver that was updated with test suite status about 2 years ago, but since have stopped.


Jonathan Pobst said...

The mono unit tests are continuously run for ~15 platforms. The results are available here:

However, coverage data is not run, and picking out individual test results is less than user-friendly. :)

Jonathan Pobst said...

Let's try that link again. :)