Friday, July 27, 2007


My last work focused on feasibility and demonstrating the concept. This time I focused on correctness and completeness. For example, the analysis didn't distinguish overloads. Plus I suspected that only some of the coverage data was being joined with the usage data. I also worked on some minor enhancements like getting the class library method length.

Turns out the monocov tool outputted the method name without any parameters if it didn't have coverage data. I was only matching against ones without coverage. If it did have coverage data, it would generate a name like:
MethodName (string,byte[],System.Data.DataTable)

I have my tool match this same format so that it could work with the overloads. Unfortunately, this results in some custom code because the output shortens certain types like:
String.String-> string
String.Int32[] -> int[]
System.Object -> object
so I had to do the same.

Currently there is still a problem if the type is a reference (System.String&)

I also fixed monocov so that it would be consistent in how it would output method names without coverage data. Otherwise, it would just repeat the same method name for output.
I also fixed a bug in my simplified exporter that would use the same class name if more than one class was in the source file. While I was in monocov, I also added the feature to be able to export the length of the method.

Now that I can generate much more sound results, I will be calculating some statistics and be posting them shortly.

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